If you can have a fresh idea, you can cause change to happen.


  • Carol Boggs, Alexander Technique in Silver Spring, MDRegain Postural Balance


  • Release Habits of Excess Tension


  • Rediscover Support and Connection to the Ground


  • Recognize Full Volume Three-Dimensionality


  • Refine Coordination


  • Renew Vitality and Ease of Movement


Carol Boggs, Alexander Technique Teacher in Silver Spring, MDMore than you may realize, you can affect the use of your body by means of your thinking. Neuroscientists are discovering daily the ability of the human brain to re-pattern, creating new pathways to affect positive change. Learn how embodied thinking influences your movement with the Alexander Technique, a method for changing habitual patterns of misuse in order to decrease excess compression stress, increase ease of movement, and elicit improved postural support.